Geordie Shore Season 6 Episode 1 hotties Dan and Ricci are leaving the show and won't be heading down under to Australia with the rest of the cast for season 6. Geordie Shore veteran Ricci said, This past series has been particularly tough for me, especially publicly broadcasting my relationship with Vicky, which has definitely had its ups and downs.”
β€œI’m happy now to let Vicky do her thing on the show and to move onto other things for myself out of the Geordie Shore house.”

Following his arrival in season 2, Ricci was immediately drawn to matriarch of the house Vicky, who he went on to propose to in Cancun.

This is your first look inside the stunning Coogee mansion that was Geordie Shore's Aussie HQ - before it was ruined with fake tan, clumps of hair and booze all over the walls.

Gary Beadle, Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Jay Gardner, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei, Vicky Pattison, James Tindale, and Scott Timlin created mayhem in the three-story house for five weeks in April and May. returned to the palatial pad after the series had wrapped, and spoke with the cast to find out what went on during the five weeks of mayhem.

The spacious interior decked out with Aussie icons such as a giant kangaroo phone and inflatable crocodiles in the pool gave the Geordies ample room to party, play, break-up and make up.

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Geordie Shore cast talk romance, shopping and shag pads

Geordie Shore cast talk romance, shopping and shag pads

Members of the Geordie Shore gang reveal there is some romance during the show's sixth series, and say they'll be back in Australia soon. S...

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The bedrooms, each with their own unique style were at the centre of some of the season's most dramatic - and naughty - scenes.

And the mansion wasn't without it's must-have "shag pad" either.

Scotty told the use of the room "where everyone gets busy"
But his controlling and possessive behaviour towards his bride-to-be led to some of Geordie Shore’s most explosive on-screen dramas, and ultimately the couple's break up in season 5.

Cougar loving Dan on the other hand, who joined the series in season 4, initially struggled to gain the respect of Buck Squad members Gaz and Scotty T, but ultimately became the little brother of the group.

As the youngest member of the house, viewers have seen him grow up fast over the past two seasons. But faced with the prospect of going such a long way from Newcastle, the 19-year-old has decided to stay at home – although he has said he will continue to chase MILFs. Dan admitted, β€œI'm really gonna miss living with everyone as they’re like a second family to me, especially the lads."

"Geordie Shore was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so grateful for having been given such an incredible opportunity."

Dan and Ricci's departure means only seven of the cast will be heading to the sunny shores of Australia for season 6 - Charlotte, Vicky, Sophie, Holly, Gaz, James and Scott.

Tune in for the final two episodes of season 5 of Geordie Shore, Tuesday 2nd and 9th of April at 10pm on MTV.