Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 5 Spencer and Toby. They spot the spy, too. It kind of looks like they're in Ravenswood, which we thought didn't happen until Episode 6, which is more evidence that this preview possibly has footage from throughout the season Emily confronts Mona. At :11, we see Emily say to Mona, "You have the fast track on 'A' while the rest of us have nothing." Later, we see the same scene again, with Mona saying, "One wrong move, and we all go up in flames."

Scratch marks. At :11 we see Spencer looking at a door that appears to have scratch marks on it.

Car smash. At :11 we see someone (looks like it might be "A") smashing a car windshield.

Hanna trying to get into a closet. At :12 Hanna is trying to get into a closet; probably her mom's.

Caleb and Toby team up. "You ready to do this?" Toby asks Caleb as they look at a map. Wooo new bromance!

Aria's worry. "First Hanna, and now Emily," we see Aria say. "One of us is next," Spencer replies. Think they're talking about the way "A" is targeting parents this season?

More cars. At :18 we see what appears to be Hanna hiding from being found by someone in a car.

Emily is "guilty." At :18 we see what appears at first glance to be Emily in a red hoodie, standing next to the City of Rosewood sign holding up a piece of paper that says "guilty." However, at closer examination it would appear to actually be someone in an Emily mask.

Car crash! At the end of the promo we see someone standing in a living room as a car approaches and then smashes through the window. Interspersed with that is two shots of Emily looking shocked. Whoa! What happens?

Watch the preview for yourself below.

Trouble always follows the girls on Pretty Little Liars, but in Season 4, Episode 5: "Gamma Zeta Die" things come to a head in a whole new way.

Though the title hints that the Liars would be partying with sorority sisters, that is far from what actually is going down; in fact, there are more tears, screaming, and fights in the promo than anything else. From the looks of things, there may be a funeral, a few confrontations (Hanna and Spencer, Mona and Emily, and more), plus a team-up of two very familiar faces: Caleb and Toby!

With all of that going on, we can’t get distracted, though. It looks like Hanna and Emily were both targeted — but by who? “A” or Red Coat? It looks like someone, wearing a red coat, black gloves, and an Emily mask, is holding a sign that says “GUILTY”. Is that real or just a dream? And who is guilty? All we know is that by the end, a car is crashing into Emily's living room as she screams. Gamma Zeta Die, indeed.